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Dolby for the Masses
Mackie is proud to introduce a powerful expansion option for the TT24 Digital Live Console — the LP48 Loudspeaker Processor Card. This card greatly enhances the TT24 by adding Dolby Laboratories speaker and EQ processing to the TT24's already generous DSP capabilities. Designed by Dolby Laboratories, the people behind the acclaimed Dolby® Lake® Processor, the LP48 gives the TT24 Dolby's popular Ideal Graphic EQ™, Mesa Parametric EQ™ filter, and 4x8 loudspeaker processor which supports 2-, 3- and 4-way crossovers with delay and limiting. The Dolby Lake Controller interface seamlessly integrates with PC-based TT Control Software, so you can keep your eyes and ears dialed into the mix.

User-Configurable Processing
The LP48 offers three modes of operation that allow you to allocate the card’s available DSP resources per the demands of your current application.

EQ MODE: 10 insertable EQ modules
SPLIT MODE: 5 EQ modules and 2x4 loudspeaker processing
LOUDSPEAKER PROCESSOR MODE: 4x8 loudspeaker processing

Each insert EQ can be assigned to any of the input channels, Aux sends, or Mains for flexible routing and setup..

Ideal Graphic EQ™
This is a super-charged 1/3-octave graphic EQ module that provides a strong advantage over traditional analog (and digital) graphic EQs. By using “raised cosine” algorithms, which offer tighter filter control (and therefore no leak into adjacent filter bands), the Ideal Graphic EQ™ yields a frequency response that truly matches the curve established with the familiar visual interface. In layman’s terms, it’s the Ideal Graphic EQ™.

Lake Mesa Quad EQ™
In addition to classic shelving and parametric filters, Lake Mesa Quad EQ™ offers asymmetric filtering for independent control over the upward and downward slopes of a parametric section. This is particularly useful when performing corrective adjustments to the asymmetric response patterns of all loudspeakers. You can change center frequencies and adjust slopes independently for greater precision and more effective EQ wherever it is used.

Full-Featured Loudspeaker Processor
The LP48 can be configured to provide a full-featured loudspeaker processor with up to 4 inputs and 8 outputs. It offers 2-, 3- and 4-way crossover modules complete with input/output delay functionality for time alignment of delay stacks and drivers. It also features the acclaimed "LimiterMax" Loudspeaker Protection System; when configured correctly, you simply can't clip the amplifier, even if the input is driven into overload. The 8 available outputs of the LP48 card can be assigned to the outputs of the TT24 and DS3232. We have developed a full library of EAW and Mackie presets for quick and easy system configuration. That includes EAW's KF, AX and FR series of professional loudspeakers and Mackie's S200 and S400 series passive loudspeakers. The Loudspeaker Processor seamlessly integrates with the TT Control Software to deliver a powerful and convenient means of controlling your entire PA and/or monitoring system. The LP48 brings Dolby Laboratories' next-generation loudspeaker processing, limiting, and EQ algorithms to the TT24, making it the most powerful and complete solution available for modern sound reinforcement applications.

CLICK HERE for more information about Dolby’s “LimiterMax” and “Raised Cosine” technology.

Dolby, Lake are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Ideal Graphic EQ, Mesa Quad EQ, and Mesa Parametric EQ are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

LP48 Features

Dolby Lake Speaker Processing provides fully featured 2-,3-, or 4-way crossovers with delay. Output signals from the LP48 card can be assigned to outputs on the rear panel of the TT24 or on the DS3232 Digital Snake

Ideal Graphic EQ™ offers up to ten channels of 1/3 octave GEQs with no adjacent-band artifacts so you only affect the intended frequency

Lake Mesa Quad EQ™ offers flexible shelving and parametric EQs with asymmetrical filtering for more effective control

User configurable processing; including three modes

* EQ MODE: 10 insertable EQ modules
* SPLIT MODE: 5 EQ modules and 2x4 loudspeaker processing
* LOUDSPEAKER PROCESSOR MODE: 4X8 loudspeaker processing

Full library of Mackie and EAW presets for quick and easy system configuration, including Mackie’s S400 & S200 series and EAW’s KF, AX and FR Series professional loudspeakers

Dolby Lake Controller interface seamlessly integrates with the TT Control Software for quick and easy control of the LP48 features

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LP48 Owner's Manual
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